Diamanti upgrades its products for enterprise software and services: Ultima Accelerator, Ultima Enterprise, Spektra Enterprise

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Cloud Leader Extends Advanced Kubernetes Stack and Offers Custom Services to Help Enterprises Manage Containerized Applications of All Sizes

We’re proud to guarantee over 1 million IOPs per node, a level of performance that has reduced customers’ server, application and cloud costs by over 40%. »

—Chris Hickey, CEO of Diamanti

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, Jan. 26, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Small, medium and large enterprises looking to manage their applications with Kubernetes can now easily get started with Diamanti, the company that streamlines Kubernetes deployments and data management for global enterprises. This is thanks to the upgrades the company recently made to its three main products – Ultima Accelerator, Ultima Enterprise and Spektra Enterprise – and its significantly expanded service offering.

Diamanti has customized its products for ten specific use cases: Containers as a Service, Database as a Service, Software as a Service, Disaster Recovery, Kubernetes Backup, CI/CD, Big Data and AI/ML, Burst to Cloud, Analytics, 5G telecom, hybrid cloud and multi-cluster management.

“Our customers have asked us to support them with comprehensive services, both onsite and remote,” said Chris Hickey, CEO of Diamanti. “Our software helps SMBs and large enterprises benefit from all that Kubernetes has to offer, addressing orchestration, storage, and management needs. Our services division helps businesses grow in days. And we are proud to guarantee over 1 million IOPs per node, a level of performance that has reduced customers’ server, application and cloud costs by over 40%.”

Ultima Accelerator is the leading appliance model, enabling lightning-fast storage and networking performance for large-scale on-premises workloads. D20X appliances come with compute, storage, and orchestration software, and the appliance’s hardware accelerator cards provide the highest level of quality of service. Ultima Enterprise, a software solution, offers container-optimized storage and networking layers, providing developers with integrated data services, advanced CSI and CNI plug-ins, and I/O acceleration. Spektra Enterprise, also software-only, makes it easy to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters in any cloud – Google, Azure, Amazon – while providing infrastructure, DevOps, and application teams for running containerized workloads .
“Diamanti is gradually moving towards a software-only approach, allowing customers to run their platform on commodity x86 hardware through multiple OEM partnerships,” GigaOM analysts Enrico Signoretti and Max Mortillaro said in GigaOm Radar for the Cloud-native Kubernetes data storage. Analysts added that with Diamanti, customers should expect “high resiliency, good performance, and ease of deployment and management.”
Diamanti’s decision to make its products more accessible reflects its customer-centric philosophy. Most new features come from customer feedback that the company regularly solicits. One of the requests was to make the technology more accessible, so Diamanti is offering enterprise-grade technology with the ease-of-use required for SMBs, along with a new service offering support from experienced Kubernetes-certified technicians. .

“Our Quick Start Services Package and Resident Engineer Program are designed to help SMB customers who lack the in-house expertise to deploy a Kubernetes cluster,” said Quentin Finck, VP of Support and Services. Diamanti services. “Diamanti provides SMB customers with a ten-day Quick Start package that trains them to use the cluster and also helps them deploy their first applications. Meanwhile, our resident engineer program provides long-term services that help customers maintain deployed clusters.

Diamanti is also making its technology more accessible to employees. Hickey implements certification programs for Kubernetes, OpenShift, and many other technologies for all internal employees to increase the company’s technology bench and product experience.

Below are the specific benefits of each of the three products that Diamanti has recently democratized.
Among the factors that attract users to Ultima Accelerator:
* 15 minute bare metal deployment
* Easy to manage and scale
* 1,000,000 IOPS per 1U
* Constant latency of 100 microseconds
* Peak application level transactions per second
Factors that set Ultima Enterprise apart:
* Runs containers in production on Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
* Extends Kubernetes across a hybrid cloud, where data portability is valued
* Runs I/O-intensive applications such as databases, streaming data, logging, and analytics that are in containers but not yet optimized for performance
And here’s why so many SMBs choose Spektra Enterprise:
* Real-time monitoring with container and multi-cluster level metrics and intuitive dashboards for compute and memory consumption, network utilization, and storage performance and capacity
* Full application lifecycle management
* User management and access controls
* Plug-and-play networking

About Diamanti

Diamanti meets the challenge of container-based hybrid clouds with the best enterprise-optimized platform for managing Kubernetes applications and data. Diamanti’s Kubernetes Platform enables enterprises to rapidly adopt and scale Kubernetes on-premises and in the cloud, with security, high availability, and resiliency built-in. For more information, visit www.diamanti.com or follow @DiamantiCom.

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