From cloud to edge, Lumen Technologies is reshaping enterprise application delivery with Microsoft

DENVER, July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN) today announced a strategic relationship with Microsoft that will shape the next generation of enterprise application delivery by bringing Microsoft Azure capabilities to the Lumen platform. Joint customers will benefit from the ability to run their Microsoft-based solutions closer to where digital interactions occur using Lumen’s global Edge Computing services, creating one of the fastest and most secure for applications and data.

“Working with Microsoft, Lumen will provide businesses and developers with industry-leading capabilities that are unique in the industry,” said Shaun Andrews, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Lumen. “By deeply integrating more of our platform services with Microsoft Azure, we can help businesses quickly use their data for the insights they want and need, with the ability to support unique and personalized uses. We are excited about the innovations and incredible new digital experiences we can deliver to our joint customers by extending Azure to the edge of our global network.”

Lumen will collaborate with Microsoft on several future go-to-market efforts to support joint customers worldwide, using Lumen Edge Experience Center resources, including:

  • A certified Azure deployment that will be able to run in Lumen Edge Computing nodes worldwide, unlocking more low-latency, high-bandwidth use cases for Azure Services Platform customers.
  • Communications industry solutions based on private 5G networks that would leverage Microsoft’s cloud-native software capabilities and Lumen fiber network and Edge Computing capabilities. These solutions would allow customers to optimize their wireless networks and push workloads even closer to digital interactions.
  • Managed solutions for the enterprise sector for a wide range of software and Microsoft cloud services to optimize the performance of enterprise workloads and support the entire workforce of a customer, wherever they reside.

“By making Microsoft Azure technology available on the Lumen platform, we’re giving businesses access to an environment where they can get the low-latency performance they need for mission-critical applications, with the familiarity of Microsoft services and tools.” , said Youssef Khalidi, corporate vice president, Azure for Operators at Microsoft. “Through this collaboration, we are expanding the ways that enterprises can connect Azure to their corporate networks and we are excited to have Lumen as a collaboration partner to expand the number of use cases we can realize at the same time. network edge.”

Further cementing their alliance, Lumen has selected Azure as the preferred public cloud location for workloads that serve its enterprise customers, helping to improve the customer experience for the Lumen Platform and transforming the way new features of service are added to the platform. Enterprise customers will benefit from consistent access management experiences across all of Lumen’s digital services. Lumen will also leverage Azure, Microsoft Power Apps, and Microsoft 365 E5 Security & Compliance for its internal digital transformation.

Additionally, Microsoft has named Lumen as one of its preferred partners supporting Azure globally with Lumen networking, infrastructure, and managed services. Enterprise customers will benefit from even better network connectivity to all their Azure services from the Lumen platform.

As enterprises move enterprise workloads to the edge and increasingly use multi-cloud environments, seamless integration of networking and cloud is paramount to optimizing performance.


  • Lumen is a certified Microsoft Managed Services Partner for a wide range of Microsoft software and cloud services and Microsoft Gold Partner.
  • Lumen edge nodes are designed to meet 95% of US enterprise demand within 5 milliseconds of latency.
  • For a current list of live and planned edge locations, visit:
  • The Lumen network is comprised of approximately 450,000 miles of global fiber route and over 180,000 online buildings, seamlessly connected to global edge nodes, 350 Lumen data centers worldwide and 2,200 third-party data centers in North America, Europe & Middle East, Latin Americaand Asia Pacific.

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About Lumen Technologies:
Lumen is guided by our belief that humanity is at its best when technology advances the way we live and work. With approximately 450,000 miles of fiber optics and serving customers in more than 60 countries, we offer the fastest and most secure platform for applications and data to help businesses, governments and communities deliver amazing experiences. To learn more about the Lumen Network, edge cloud, security, communications and collaboration solutions, and our goal to drive human progress through technology, visit, LinkedIn: /lumentechnologies, Twitter: @lumentechco, Facebook: /lumentechnologies, Instagram: @lumentechnologies and YouTube: /lumentechnologies. Lumen and Lumen Technologies are US registered trademarks.

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