GIC Wins Technology Excellence Award for Enterprise Software – Financial Services

A first-of-its-kind solution in the market that supports middle-to-back office operations across the full spectrum of private market investments, including real estate, private equity and infrastructure investments.

ATLAS is a platform that supports all private market operations from mid to back office throughout the investment lifecycle. It is a first-of-its-kind solution that leverages cloud technology, a data analytics search engine platform, and an event-driven, API-centric architecture to meet the varied and complex requirements of supporting private market operations in an effective, efficient, and scalable manner.

ATLAS was developed in-house and implemented in the difficult context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It replaced two legacy platforms: one for real estate investing and another for private equity and infrastructure investing. Both had different business processes and data models, leading to additional operational complexity and overhead.

ATLAS met GIC’s needs in two key areas:

Scalability, providing teams with the ability to support increased volume of business through standardization and industrialization of private market business processes; and
Agility, by enabling teams to be faster in responding to new and changing business needs given the rapidly changing investment landscape.

Additionally, its simplified and modular design has reduced operating costs compared to the company’s previous legacy platforms.

Consolidated view on private markets and improved data quality. To create ATLAS, the team had to standardize existing data models and key terms in private markets, as well as harmonize and integrate over 30 years of data to fit into a new model. Combined with the incorporation of initial user interface data validations, which improved the accuracy of data capture, this enabled consistent reporting and better data quality at an enterprise level, while improving the using data analytics to gain insights into investments in GIC’s private markets portfolio.

Increased productivity. Mid-to-back office teams in the private market have experienced productivity gains of up to 20% by streamlining and standardizing processes, automating manual processes and systematizing product validation checks. data. Thanks to ATLAS, teams will be able to execute processes more efficiently and subsequently focus more on complex and higher value work.

Improved user experience and system performance. ATLAS features a simple and intuitive user interface featuring a single-view dashboard, easy access to priority tasks, and status tracking. The platform’s intuitiveness made user adoption more seamless, which was key to scaling GIC’s operational capability when onboarding new hires during the pandemic. ATLAS’ new computing architecture has also enabled faster screen loading (3-5 seconds) and processing time across all global offices, further improving user experience and productivity.

For its efforts to consolidate all private market business processes across real estate, private equity and infrastructure investments into a single platform, GIC received the Enterprise Software – Financial Services Award at the Technology Excellence Awards recently concluded, organized by Singapore Business Review. Now in its fourth year, the event recognizes companies in Singapore that have pioneered breakthrough IT products, solutions or initiatives that are leading the technology revolution and digital journeys of their respective industries.