Inspur Information’s AIStation Works with NVIDIA AI Enterprise Software Suite to Drive Innovation

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Inspur Information, a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions, combines AIStation, its unified AI IT resource planning and management platform, with NVIDIA AI Enterprise, a cloud-native suite of software AI and data analytics, to provide enterprise users with a convenient and efficient platform to utilize AI computing resources. This includes professional development, advanced deployment tools, and state-of-the-art components. The combined platform enables companies to quickly implement the industry’s most advanced AI capabilities and rapidly deploy AI applications to drive smart business innovation.

There have been several attempts to create stacks of AI resources to improve innovation and implementation of AI. However, implementing AI technologies is a very difficult task. Companies must not only meet computing power requirements, but also maximize their use of computing resources, quickly build and manage AI deployment environments, and introduce AI capabilities efficiently. This requires an AI platform that supports agile development and requires easy management and deployment to quickly implement AI applications and accelerate their performance.

Inspur Information’s AIStation is an end-to-end platform that provides unique support for AI development and deployment. With powerful planning and resource management capabilities, it accelerates the development and deployment of AI technologies. NVIDIA AI Enterprise is an end-to-end optimized cloud-native data analytics and artificial intelligence software suite. It supports environment construction, data processing, training, and inference processes to enable faster development and implementation of AI technologies.

The superior planning, management, and monitoring capabilities of AIStation fully unleash the excellent AI development and deployment capabilities of NVIDIA AI Enterprise. The combined solution expertly manages data storage, computing power and task scheduling, cluster operation and maintenance, and provides businesses with an agile, easy-to-use AI platform that can use fully their AI computing resources. It also improves the development and deployment of AI-related tools and components. The resulting AI development and deployment is significantly accelerated, making AI transformation more efficient and improving the business value of AI. Detailed benefits of the combined Inspur Information and NVIDIA AI Enterprise solution include:

Optimization of IT resources The solution enables enterprise customers to more easily utilize and manage hardware infrastructure, including NVIDIA GPUs, and supports the multi-instance GPU capabilities of the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, allowing users to allocate and centrally monitor computing resources and efficiently allocate these computing resources at scale. computing power clusters.

Acquire AI capabilities quickly The cloud-native environment management mechanism based on Docker containers provides users with an effortless experience to create cloud-native development environments. With the powerful planning and management capabilities of AIStation from Inspur Information and professional frameworks, templates, applications and development tools from NVIDIA AI Enterprise, users can create AI environments and run AI tasks with confidence. simplicity to achieve rapid delivery and quickly introduce advanced AI capabilities.

Easily manage AI infrastructure The multitenancy strategy allows cluster administrators to focus on managing the hardware infrastructure and controlling user quotas. Users can manage AI services and perform AI production within quotas, and developers can quickly obtain AI computing resources without needing to be audited often by administrators. Additionally, administrators can monitor key services and platform performance in real time and improve system availability by leveraging fault tolerance mechanisms and high availability architecture.

Today, AI technologies are changing various industries such as finance, transportation, medical care, education, and scientific research. By introducing AI technologies and applications, companies can strengthen their business capabilities and create more value. Inspur Information is working closely with NVIDIA to promote building intelligent computing infrastructure and developing AI capability stacks to further accelerate enterprise AI strategies and AI transformation.

Inspur Information and NVIDIA have a long-standing collaboration, with Inspur AI servers supporting the full line of NVIDIA GPUs, including the NVIDIA A100, A30, A10, and A2. Inspur AI servers were among the first in the industry to fully support GPUs based on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture and the company has achieved NVIDIA Certified System status for its AI servers.

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