Introducing the Enterprise Software Innovators Podcast

Creating disruptive technologies embraced by the world’s top tech leaders starts with understanding their ever-changing needs.

Yet outside of hard-earned pitch meetings and other formal interactions, there are few opportunities to hear how these top decision makers are evaluating new technologies, deploying them in their organizations, and measuring the impact on their business.

That’s why Abnormal Security CEO and Co-Founder Evan Reiser and I started the Enterprise Software Innovators podcast, which features exclusive interviews with CIOs and CTOs from some of the world’s largest organizations.

We are all beneficiaries of the massive amount of startup-centric content available today. The stories of the people who create disruptive technologies help them interact with the public, potential employees, customers and each other. Likewise, we think stories about how disruptive technologies are actually implemented in the real world are equally compelling. Applying exciting innovations at scale is where the true impact of technology materializes, and we have sought out an array of CIO/CTO guests from different sectors and industries to help tell these stories.

In season one, we chat with top tech leaders who offer rare insight into how disruptive and innovative technologies are deployed at scale — and the hard-learned lessons in the process.

The inaugural episode of ESI features Michael Keithley, who is the CIO of United Talent Agency. Michael told us how technology has transformed the entertainment industry. This episode is available on our website and all major podcast platforms, as well as via a special broadcast on the Greymatter channel below:

We also released two more episodes today: Episode 2 features Shamim Mohammad, CIO and CTO of CarMax, who shares how CarMax turned its existing physical business upside down to become a digital leader for its customers. Episode 3 is with Jay Dominick, CIO of Princeton University, who shares the unique technological challenges Princeton has faced in the wake of COVID-19.

We’ll release new episodes every week, which you can find by subscribing to the ESI Podcast on Apple, SoundCloud, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.