New Admin Portal for Accessing Akamai Enterprise Applications

The definition of a user has evolved to encompass much more than an employee, making it difficult and complex to secure access to the right application, for the right user, at the right time. Akamai Enterprise Application Access (EAA) is a single cloud architecture that closes all inbound firewall ports, while ensuring that only authorized users and devices have access to the internal applications they need, not the entire network. To streamline application access, Akamai has launched Enterprise Center, a new administration portal for EAA that:

  • Creates a unified experience across multiple products with a modern look and feel
  • Simplifies navigation through an intuitive layout, flexible sorting options and advanced search capabilities
  • Simplifies administration of access controls, authentication settings, multi-factor authentication (MFA) settings, and deployment
  • Shortens release cycles to deliver improvements and bug fixes at an accelerated rate

Unified experience

Enterprise Access, Enterprise Threat, and Akamai MFA can now all be administered from the unified Enterprise Center portal. The new user interface helps improve efficiency and allows administrators to view and manage reports, dashboards and widgets from a single portal. Now administrators can get deeper visibility and a more complete overview of all data from a single location to help them make better decisions about securing access and protecting users.


Simplified navigation

The new vertical navigation menu, breadcrumbs, object deep links, and redesigned table layout allow admins to seamlessly navigate between apps, connectors, and directories with minimal clicks. Inline editing on the connector list page allows you to edit connectors directly from the list page without opening a new page to apply basic connector changes. In-app contextual help not only provides informative text on every page, it also allows you to navigate directly to relevant, feature-specific documentation.

Advanced search allows administrators to quickly find and work on applications, connectors, users, identity providers (IdPs), or directories. Previously, name and description were the only search criteria supported. Now, Enterprise Center administrators can search for applications, connectors, or directories using multiple contextual and configuration parameters, such as associated destination servers, deployment status, health, number of associated connectors, associated connector names, associated directory names, associated IdP name, enabled services, access control status, etc.


Simplified administration

One of the highlights of Enterprise Center is the new deployment cart, which lets you deploy multiple changes in bulk. From this deployment cart, you can view the list of pending changes in your apps and identity providers, review specific changes if/when needed, select one or more changes you need to deploy, and then deploy all changes selected in a single step by clicking a single button.

Access controls (ACLs) and authentication settings can now be copied from within an application or to a set of applications. This simplifies the management of authentication and authorization settings across applications, minimizes errors, and helps ensure consistent policy enforcement.


Application-level MFA settings have also been simplified. The new UI gives you an overview of the effective MFA policy for the application, and intuitive gestures allow you to configure MFA overrides at the application, directory, and group level.

Shortened release cycles

Early in the design process, we made the decision to decouple the release process from the admin portal and adopt industry-leading DevOps practices. This has allowed us to shorten our portal’s release cycle, which means faster delivery of new features and bug fixes.

After months of beta testing and positive customer feedback, including delight in the modern, intuitive, and streamlined user interface, the EAA Enterprise Center UI is now in limited availability. The new user interface is available to all EAA customers and can be viewed by logging into Akamai’s Control Center and navigating to Enterprise > Enterprise Center. You can also access it directly from this link.

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