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MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Alabama – Air Force Lifecycle Management Center Business and Enterprise Systems (BES), located at the Maxwell Air Force Base-Gunter Annex in Montgomery, Alabama, has awarded a $420 million contract over five years for the Oracle Enterprise Software II License Agreement (ESLA II).

Oracle ESLA II provides Oracle technology solutions to more than 300 critical systems. ESLA II contains an unlimited license agreement for a base set of 15 Oracle technology products and consolidates Oracle support for more than one million Oracle technology licenses held by the Department of the Air Force (DAF).

The agreement also includes unlimited JAVA SE subscriptions previously negotiated under a separate agreement. In addition, ESLA II provides the Air Force with Advanced Customer Services, which provides 15 dedicated Oracle engineers providing direct support to Air Force systems with problem resolution, configuration, best practices, and knowledge transfer assistance. An agency catalog is also provided, allowing DAF customers to purchase additional Oracle technology products at extremely advantageous pre-negotiated discounts.

ESLA II brings significant value and benefits to the Air Force with the consolidation of over 600 unique Oracle contracts, unlimited licenses, and the incorporation of previously excluded entities. ESLA II continues the value proposition of the previous enterprise license and support agreement for over 600 unique Oracle contracts, driving resource efficiency while leveraging DAF’s buying power to get the best price.

The unlimited license component eliminates potential “patching” issues that often occur with limited license agreements where more licenses are used than allowed; a common problem for many enterprise products. Excluded entities are included in ESLA II for new licensing and support requirements and provide over $41 million in avoided cost savings; an innovative approach and smart decision that benefits DAF/DoD’s bottom line.

The value of the new agreement was recognized by Richard Aldridge, Executive Director of the BES Program, at the recent Enterprise Information Technology Summit, when he said that the ESLA II contract is “the essence of category management,” as demonstrated by the BES team.

ESLA II predicts overall cost avoidance of more than $370 million and could exceed $1.5 billion depending on usage. The ESLA II performance period began on February 28, 2022 and continues with options until February 27, 2027.

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