Oracle updates Enterprise Manager with focus on hybrid deployments

Oracle on Wednesday announced updates to its enterprise management platform, Oracle Enterprise Manager, designed to help organizations with hybrid IT deployments. New features include automated database migration, as well as tools for managing hybrid environments.

The platform updates align with Oracle’s continued build of its own infrastructure offerings.

“Autonomy is the defining technology of a second-generation cloud,” Oracle co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison said at the Oracle OpenWorld conference last year. Two years ago, Oracle launched the Autonomous Database. The company’s ultimate goal, he said, is to build “the world’s first fully-featured, truly autonomous cloud.”

To bring customers to Oracle Cloud, Enterprise Manager now offers highly automated guided migrations. Oracle says the platform has fewer time and price constraints than other cloud migration tools on the market, which can help customers who need to migrate multiple databases over an extended period.

At the same time, to manage hybrid database environments, Enterprise Manager offers new intelligent analytics provided by Exadata Warehouse. Users can optimize their performance and utilization of Oracle Database and Exadata environments on-premises or in the cloud with improved capacity planning and forecasting.

Additionally, updates to automation and lifecycle control make it easier to adopt the Autonomous Database and Exadata cloud service.

There are also new security controls, including fleet maintenance support for transparent data encryption, improved compliance monitoring, granular control of on-premises fleets, and new security standards for Oracle Database. 18c and 19c.

Oracle also announced that Enterprise Manager has been certified by the Center for Internet Security Benchmarks. Organizations using the platform can now ensure that their critical asset configurations align with CIS Benchmarks consensus standards of practice.