Paul Rajchgod: BSV Opportunities for Existing Enterprise Software Companies

Ayre Ventures invests in breakthrough businesses powered by BSV technology. Its managing director, Paul Rajchgod, says he receives a stream of business proposals through platforms such as LinkedIn and through the CoinGeek and Ayre Group websites.

Paul points out that for Ayre Ventures, making a deal with a new company is just the start of the relationship. “We have frequent meetings with the company, we do a lot of presentations to other companies, which is one of the things VCs are supposed to be used for – it’s not just a blank check. ”

Paul says Ayre Ventures does extensive due diligence before investing. “We need to get into the forecast and understand why the company thinks these numbers are going to materialize.” The process is led by an investment committee, which also acts as the decision-making body that makes the final push to grant a company the funds it needs.

In this episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Paul talks about the companies under Ayre Ventures that are making waves in the Bitcoin space. As he tells Charles Miller, mintBlue, a BSV “core company” that uses BSV technology in its accounting software service product, said it has reached 2 million transactions on the blockchain in the form of digital invoices. He also mentions RAD NFTV, a live streaming platform that uses BSV as an additional layer to its NFT offerings. Paul is keen to encourage existing, growing businesses to explore the opportunities BSV offers.

As a venture capital firm that exclusively backs BSV technology, Paul points out that Ayre Ventures takes a dim view of companies in its portfolio that don’t grow their BSV projects, no matter how successful they are to others. respects: “I will just say that when a company has failed to deliver by choosing not to go to BSV for whatever reason, we find that unacceptable. It’s a breach of our contract and we’re looking to get out.

Paul would like to see more enterprise software companies approach him. And he’s not saying that existing companies can’t continue their involvement with other blockchains at the same time as BSV. He returns to RAD NFTV: “Rad is saying that we will continue to sell Ethereum NFTs and so on and that we will use BSV internally to manage everything… it is a unique company.”

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