Snowflake launches an App Store-like marketplace for all your enterprise app needs

Snowflake has announced an expansion that will transform its Data Cloud platform into a marketplace for data-intensive enterprise applications.

At Snowflake Summit 2022, the database company debuted a preview of a new Native Application Framework, through which developers can build applications that run natively in the Data Cloud and can be sold to others. other members of the ecosystem through Snowflake Marketplace.

During a pre-briefing before the event attended by Tech Radar ProSnowflake drew parallels between its new marketplace and the mobile app stores operated by Apple and Google.

Enterprise app store

The decision to bring third-party apps to the Snowflake Marketplace has been described by the company as an “important step” on the way to creating a full-fledged ecosystem for enterprise data apps.

In this new scenario, Snowflake’s value proposition extends beyond the quality of its own services to encompass innovation found elsewhere within the company’s network of 6,300 customers. The change will likely also bring a new revenue stream, in the form of platform fees charged as a percentage of each market sale (Tech Radar Pro is awaiting confirmation on this point).

According to Snowflake, market expansion will benefit customers on both sides of the equation, simultaneously making it easier to develop and monetize applications built for the data cloud and providing an easy way to identify and take advantage of prebuilt tools. .

Separately, the company touted the cybersecurity and governance benefits of using apps directly from Snowflake instances, and eliminating the need to move data to and from Snowflake apps. feed.

So far, companies such as Capital One, LiveRamp, and Informatica have used the new Native Application Framework to develop applications for use cases spanning cloud cost management, identity resolution and data integration.

“Apps have been part of Snowflake’s DNA since day one,” said Chris Child, senior director of product management at Snowflake. “The Snowflake Native Application Framework empowers every customer with a seamless way to build, deliver, and consume applications natively in the Data Cloud.”

Disclaimer: Our flights and accommodations for Snowflake Summit 2022 were funded by Snowflake, but the organization had no editorial control over the content of this article.