S&P500 enterprise software company joins Hedera board

ServiceNow, one of the leading enterprise software vendors in the United States, is the latest giant to join Hedera’s influential board of directors.

The New York Stock Exchange-listed company is part of the S&P500 and is renowned for its innovative cloud computing solutions that aim to facilitate the rapid scale and growth of businesses by improving workflow within a business.

Drawn to the board by the Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) promise of high-level security for internal and cross-organization network transactions, ServiceNow intends to work to synthesize the two organizations’ offerings into an innovative cross-organizational capability , explained Tasker Generes – ServiceNowGlobal Head of Strategy and Transformation at .

“Hedera is poised to become the foundation and leading trust and transparency broker for the digital economy and ServiceNow brings that strategic foundation to our powerful workflow experiences,” he explained.

“This partnership will streamline the process of breaking down boundaries between separate entities by helping to ensure the highest level of trust and accountability.

“For the first time, leaders can feel confident investing in cross-organizational workflows to streamline any process for a better outcome.”

What does ServiceNow mean on Hedera’s board?

To paint a picture of the possibilities of this partnership, imagine the possibility of connecting all the touchpoints of a customer’s journey.

Instead of making separate purchases for the sporting event experience – tickets, transportation, clothing, food, etc. – this technology would create a trusted connection between each of these separate vendors that can be leveraged to provide a seamless buying journey.

Mance HarmonCEO of Hedera Hashgraph, introduced us to other goals of the partnership with the Hedera Board of Directors, including simplified DLT adoption processes, improved blockchain records, multi-party workflow integrations, tokens as as a service and the private management of decentralized identities.

“Companies in all industries will be able to use Now Platform and Hedera Consensus, Token and Smart Contract Services in their applications,” the CEO said.

“Accelerating the adoption of DLT in four key areas of digital workflows: process and data integrity, tokenization, decentralized identity, and multi-party business processes.

“ServiceNow’s participation on the board will accelerate the adoption of Hedera as the DLT of choice for enterprises.”

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