Tech Startup, ShibenaLabs, a Digital Transformation and Enterprise Software Solutions Company Launches ShibbyVerse and ShibbySnacks Blockchain Projects

ShibenaLabs is a Mexican digital transformation and enterprise software solutions company focused on real-world Blockchain applications.

Many companies are slowly entering a new era of customer engagement, fueled by the evolving regulatory environment and rapid technological changes. At that time, digital technologies were considered essential. Hence, these companies are adopting artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data technologies to support organizational growth.

The digital transformation market size was USD 737.88 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 3,546.80 billion by 2028, and ShibenaLabs, although still a startup, is already poised and ready to be an element key to this growth in a few years.

ShibenaLabs CEO and Founder Nicholas Bady and co-founder Eduardo Ávila founded the company in 2021. ShibenaLabs development strategy focuses on four elements: technological innovation, customer experience, relocation strategies and the development of non-traditional solutions. The company leverages its high-tech workforce – a cutting-edge innovation center in Guadalajara, Mexico, Mexico’s Silicon Valley – and growing demand for mission-critical software solutions that drive business value.

ShibenaLabs is ready to provide software development services to mission-driven organizations, helping them enable digital transformation and harness emerging technologies. “Every day, we develop our competence and strategy to provide quality services to our customers, especially around custom software development, business process automation and integrations.” says Nicolas Bady.

ShibenaLabs’ growth strategy is not only to deliver its core services at scale, but also to sharpen its focus on combining business practices, strategy and problem solving with technology solutions.

ShibenaLabs has extended its tentacles to Blockchain, with in-house case studies on how to connect real-world products with Blockchain technology. The company has fully implemented its ShibbySnacks (a real pet food brand) and ShibbyVerse Crypto projects. Both projects are set on its native Blockchain with a focus on Latin America. The ShibbyVerse set 3% of its transaction to be converted into cash. This ensures that there is always a floor under the price chart!

Speaking of ShibbyVerse, co-founder Eduardo Ávila said, “In our pursuit of happiness, we lost some of the most important things to us: pets! Our beloved, furry, slimy friends give us love and energy to get through even life’s worst times. We are doing something about it. FindShibby is a blockchain-based Metaverse that lets you find and track your pets. With the help of virtual reality and blockchain, pets become characters in their own metaverse. Join us now and be part of this revolution.

ShibenaLabs has made the commercialization of its Blockchain project a high priority. The defined marketing budget allowed the team to recruit an international team of experts to develop a global campaign aimed at making ShibbyVerse and ShibbySnacks projects the most commercialized Blockchain projects in the world in the shortest possible time.

It is a strategy that reflects both the evolution of the company and its vision for the future. The team consists of finance and crypto specialists, management consultants, marketing, PR and social media experts; as well as highly valued pet lovers, resulting in a combination of decades of international business experience.

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