This company calls on all engineers to help take enterprise software to the next level

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Based in New York EvolutionIQ is the brainchild of founders Tomas Vykruta and Mike Saltzman who left established careers at Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Bridgewater because they believed their experience and skills would be best applied to an industry about to adopt a new technology-driven approach.

With the insurance industry often overwhelmed by ever-increasing volumes of claims, the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) software offers insurance companies a new approach to claims management. The company’s platform serves as a co-pilot for insurance reviewers, providing essential information and insights, so people spend less time analyzing what happened and more time responding to customer needs. , explains EvolutionIQ.

And, to deliver next-generation AI-powered software, the company needs imaginative, machine-learning (ML) engineers to help build the machine-learning applications and programs to designing what it calls the world’s most intuitive platform. With the implementation of software guiding decision-making, this allows more time for claims reviewers to use their experience and people skills to find solutions faster for claimants and insurance companies.

Maybe now is the time?

To date, EvolutionIQ has partnered with the top ten carriers, third-party administrators and large self-insured companies to improve claims management, it says. The company claims major disability insurance companies as clients, including Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company and Main financial group (NASDAQ: PFG).

The company also added property and casualty carriers, partnering with the top 25 no-name carriers in 2022.

Now might be the perfect time if you’re that type of engineer to get involved in a fast-growing company where you can have a real impact on the company’s future, says Karan Uppal, vice president of the engineering.

“The business is at a size where new hires can help grow the business with clear business impact,” he said. “Many engineers working in large companies are unaware of the influence they have on company initiatives, but it’s the opposite here because everything we do has a direct impact on our customers.”

Everything engineers build will be used directly by end users, allowing people to quickly get feedback on the products they build and collaborate with customers, Uppal added.

Corporate culture

The start-up environment is competitive, and engineers participating in “The Great Resignation” will need to be thoughtful and act quickly while seizing the opportunities the pandemic also presents.

For example, no other company in the industry offers claims management software, says Anna Howell, people manager at EvolutionIQ.

“This is an opportunity for new hires to join a company with a strong positioning and help advance our cutting-edge technology,” says Howell.

And then there are all the good things you can expect from a start-up. The company is based in Manhattan, but you can work remotely. By entering the company’s trajectory early, you could take a share of the capital and, yes, you can bring your dog to the office when you move.

And if you’re feeling a little isolated in your apartment, you can check in with the company’s regular virtual town hall meetings or attend twice a year in person offsite in what the company calls plush venues.

EvolutionIQ does not want perfection to be the enemy of good. The fast-growing company has reported experiencing steep learning curves since its inception in 2019 and plans to continue to expand its knowledge with the help of employees who want to be part of this journey.

“It’s important to us to celebrate successes and recognize individuals in our journey to deliver value to customers,” the company says. “As we set new standards for human-AI partnerships, our team is driven and committed to challenging the status quo and achieving more together.”

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice.

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