Ways to improve the ROI of your enterprise application

The question “How can enterprise mobile apps increase ROI” is a question that every company that has invested in enterprise mobility solutions is looking for an answer to.

Increasing return on investment (ROI) through enterprise applications is a concern for many companies investing in the digital platform.

While the role that enterprise applications play in growing your business is not unheard of in the corporate world of all sizes, there is a lack of understanding as to exactly how the ROI of enterprise mobility solutions is calculated and how these mobile applications can increase ROI of your Business.

How to Estimate the ROI of Your Enterprise Application

ROI of your business application

Right here we will share with you is a process we follow to help our professional mobile app development clients know the ROI of their apps. Ideas for measuring the return on investment of your enterprise applications turn around a three-step process.

The first step is to know the cost you invested to have it made – which you will get a sense of by revisiting any mobile app development documentation cost. The invoice will have to be reviewed which was generated by the enterprise software development company with whom you have associated.

The next step is to measure the result that the business application was able to deliver. And the way to achieve this is to use KPIs.

Here are some of the KPIs that can be used to measure effectiveness:

  • Sales number
  • Amount of paperwork
  • Response time of field technicians
  • Production cost

Once you have the before and after numbers against these and other KPIs, it’s time for the final step.

The last step of measuring the return on investment of enterprise mobile applications is Calculation of return on investment. To do this, you will need to weigh the result against the investment made in the development business apps.

This will help you measure the ROI of your enterprise mobility solutions – something that helps businesses and their partner enterprise mobile app development company lay the foundation for training. Strategies to Increase the ROI of an Enterprise Application.

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Strategies on how enterprise mobile apps can increase ROI

the ways to improve ROI of enterprise applications can be decided on the basis of how you are able to retain your employees with the application. Now, there are several ways to achieve this. Means that can be considered as strategies to increase the return on investment of an enterprise application.

A. Keep application iteration

The first part of increasing the ROI of your enterprise application is developing a plan for continuous iteration. Keep monitoring which features employees interact with the most and what their opinions are about it. And based on this information, continue to modify the application feature delivery milestone – to ensure that all points highlighted by employees are well addressed on time.

In short, you can’t expect your app to be great the first time around. You will need to continue doing AB testing to ensure that the best is received by employees and the whole company in general. Hoping it will be good to go right away is one of the greatest myths that surround mobile enterprise application platforms

B. Increase Employee participation

A die the biggest problems facing enterprise applications is the lack of employee participation. It’s very common for employees to show no interest in something that expects them to deviate from the old system, especially if your workforce is made up of Gen Xers.

One of the most effective processes for increasing participation is healthy competition. You can define the competition in terms of percentage of participation between domains within the company, gamifying the whole experience.

When you add competition accompanied by a set of really useful features, the number of participations is bound to increase.

C. Offer greater speed

Today’s digital first generation has a thing for speed. Whether it’s consuming content or interacting with the app, they don’t take low gear lightly. To improve speed and, therefore, enterprise mobile ROI, enterprise software developers can try compressing the image size, deletion superfluous features that slow down the loading speed of the application.

D. Work on the apps User Interface/User Experience

Working on the user interface and user experience of the app can be another primary way to ensure acceptance of your app, at least for appeal and aesthetic reasons.

Your app’s UI/UX should be designed in such a way that users can easily switch between screens with utmost ease and without any distractions.

Additionally, your business application design should be intuitive enough to let users know where to move, which screen to click next, and what goal to achieve on each screen, etc.

E. To do domain-specific application segments

One of the biggest complaints from enterprise app users is having multiple features defined in a single app – sets that more often than not aren’t designed for a specific team but for everyone.

So especially a the domain team ends up visualizing and dodging several feature sets that don’t does not even affect their work. So what helps is having multiple screens in an app, with each screen organized to cater to a particular area instead of all of them.

This way, employees will be able to have a quick in and out experience, which is essential in a enterprise application which is meant to be a facilitator and not a hindrance.

F. Work on the feature set

There are advanced features that to augment the chances that your application will be liked by employees. Here are a few:

Here are a few:

  • Contact directory
  • Meeting room reservation
  • Bug report
  • Broadcasting and announcement of the company
  • Social Media Login

g. Add one interactive technology

The last strategy you can apply to make your application interactive is to add known technologies to improve levels of interaction within an application. A strategy that seems to work miracles when we developed our first business application. Technologies like – Artificial Intelligent, augmented and virtual reality, etc.

Phone technology being fun in nature helps employees connect with your offering on a much deeper level.

H. Strengthen application security

The true ROI of enterprise application development can be calculated by its security strength. Ensure high security and maintaining zero security breaches are necessary for the development of a loyal customer base for a business. A business application is designed to carry a number of personal business data which, if lost, can be disastrous for a brand. This means that tamper-proof security is not only a must-have feature, but also a key mode to improve enterprise application ROI.

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With the right techniques and strategies, one can positively affect the return on investment in any field of business. Taking the example of Ikea, Appinventiv, with its ERP solution, has helped IKEA provide its users with real-time product availability information and facilitate customer onboarding while supporting IKEA’s marketing and promotional efforts.


As stated above, the ROI of your enterprise application depends on a series of factors. A crucial aspect is to ensure a user-friendly and smooth experience so that no one thinks twice before using the app.

You should also always keep an eye on which features visitors use the most in the app. This type of monitoring will help you better understand their needs, which will also help you update your app in line with the latest technology trends.

Prepare your software for future developments could be one of the most effective strategies to have an enterprise application that provides maximum return on investment. Therefore, it is crucial that you consider the role your enterprise software will play if your business wants to move to the cloud, invest in IoT, or adopt business intelligence tools.

With this, you are now theoretically ready to meet your performance goals as part of your efficiency-driven enterprise mobile app strategy. The only thing left to do now is to start by contacting a enterprise application development company. Connect with our team of enterprise software development specialists come on fasttrack.

Saurabh Singh

Saurabh Singh