Yondu Achieves Acumatica Gold Certification in Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning

Information technology solutions company Yondu has achieved Acumatica Gold certification, gaining a stronger foundation in enterprise resource planning (ERP). This helps its clients adopt innovative solutions to transform their operations and better serve their customers.

Partnering with Acumatica for system-integrated, cloud-based ERP software enables Yondu to guide businesses through their ERP journey, as well as empower and help them scale. Customers can access critical data anywhere, paving the way for improved management and business results.

This innovation is part of Yondu’s support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as part of the Globe Group. UN SDG 9, in particular, highlights the role of infrastructure and innovation as key drivers of economic growth and development.

“Now that Yondu is an Acumatica Gold Partner, we are more committed to going above and beyond for every customer. This is just the beginning for Yondu as we grow and mature in this high-potential partnership with Acumatica,” said Karl Pulanco, Product Manager at Yondu.

Acumatica’s Gold Certification represents high standards for ERP business consulting. Participants must complete all required courses and badges to achieve this status.

Yondu’s team responded to Acumatica’s training and staffing needs. They include Certified Business Consultants, Business Consultants, Marketing Specialists, Implementation Managers, and Support and Technical Specialists, among others. Yondu has also received Support Best Practices accreditation.

“A Gold Certified Partner will not only have the capabilities to implement Acumatica ERP, but also add value by providing consulting advice to the customer. Business processes are changing and Yondu, as a Gold Partner, will provide expertise for improvement and change management,” said Shine Matthew, Regional Channel Manager for Acumatica.

Since Yondu caters to various industries, it should remain competitive and essential for businesses that need help keeping up with new technologies and emerging market trends.

Yondu also partners with different organizations and offers webinars on business digitization and automation. On March 31, Yondu and the Supply Chain Management Association of the Philippines (SCMAP) hosted a webinar titled “Flexible Visibility Across the Entire Supply Chain” to help businesses across various industries and supply chain sectors to embrace digital transformation.

To learn more about Yondu, visit https://www.yondu.com/.